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learning in depth

Learning In Depth

If you really want to challenge yourself while you are off from school see if you can take your project work to another level. Have a think about the following things:

  1. Find something that is really weird or odd about your topic.
  2. Find something that is gross or icky about your topic (ex. the bagpipe was originally made from the whole skin of a dead sheep)
  3. Create some really interesting maths linked to your project work. 
  4. Make a list of some really crazy comparisons (ex. a blue whale can weigh as much as 30 elephants):
  5. Identify something unusual or unique about a person involved with your topic (ex. Shakespeare reportedly invented the word “bubble”)
  6. Can you create a piece of LID work for each of the subjects you learn about in school?
  7. With permission from your parents/carers, can you email an expert/somebody famous linked to your project with a view to getting them to send some information back?
  8. Take a photo of your work and upload it to your Google Classroom. 

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