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week beginning 11th may

Literacy Activities


It is summer time- and the weather hopefully will stay nice so we need to be thinking about how to look after ourselves in the sun. But how? Why? We have set up some reading comprehension exercises so you can consider how to stay safe whilst in the sunshine at this time of year. 


Daedalus and Icarus - Last week we informed you that you would be starting a two-week topic on this famous Ancient Greek topic. If you need the slides go back to last week's literacy work dates 4th May.


The grammar focus for this week is on the correct use of a or an.


A long word for this week's spelling. It just means "the language that we use to talk about language"!!! Some of you will need to chat to your grown-ups about what this all means- and some of your grown-ups will definitely learn something new from you!

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