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week beginning 18th may

Literacy Activities

Here is your topic work for this week. There are 4 activities to complete which are, copying the Greek alphabet, a reading activity with some questions to answer, creating a comparison table, and drawing 2 houses to show the difference between rich and poor Greek houses. There is also an extra challenge where you can either create an advert selling a rich or poor Greek house or build your own. There is also a quiz on one of the websites for you to complete too.

If you are using Google Classroom make sure you click 'present' so you can access the links and the audio.

Have a great week everyone,

Mrs Dadswell, Mrs Bater, Mr Cobbett, Mrs Tewkesbury and Mrs Rigler



This week's spelling work is all about homophones- words that sound the same but are spelt differently- and it can be easy to mix them up. You can all have a go and work through day by day. It gets more challenging as you go through so do as much as you can. Don't try and do it all at once, but do a task each day to build up your knowledge of homophones. :-)

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