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week commencing 11th May

Math Activities

Monday 11th May

For maths this week, we will be reviewing our work on statistics, starting today by looking at data in tables that are linked to our current Greek topic. If you are completing your work on Google Classroom please remember to mark your work as 'done' in classwork and then attach/send us your work.

Have a good day!


Wednesday 13th May

This is the final piece of maths work that will be linked to our statistics unit. Today we are looking at line graphs. If you are using Google Classroom then remember to mark your work as completed.

Friday 15th May

I love the arty maths challenge today! I think the coloured triangles look really effective. You could either recreate it or do your own version - up to you. Just remember to attach / email us a photo of what you create, along with the same for the other 2 challenges (or a comment about how you got on with them) to stand a chance of getting a prize at the end of term. Good luck!

Miss Edwards

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