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Top tips from our Digital Champions

Top Tips from our Digital Champions

Mr Hick and his 16 Digital Champions (4 Children from each year group) have put together a list of their top tips for staying safe online.

1. Have a time limit on how much time you spend each day on a screen

2. Don't play games you are unsure of, play age appropriate games.

3. Don't lie about your age - It protects you.

4. Never give out personal information

5. Don't answer friend requests from people you don't know - just like you wouldn't talk to strangers

6. Tell your parents what you are playing, talk to  them about your choice of games

7. Always ask permission before downloading games or Apps

8. It is always best to have your screens / consoles in the main family areas of your home - not your bedrooms

9. Make sure that if you are playing online that is only with people that you know and have met in real life

10. Try playing creative, sports or logic games rather than violent games

11. Be aware of your web cam, make sure that it is turned off or covered up?