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A group of our Year 5 children

joined together with children from one of our other Trust schools, Brayford and spent a wonderful and busy four days in our capital city.

There was so much packed into the schedule that there was no time to lose with a prompt departure of 6.30am travelling up by coach straight to the Harry Potter studios where they enjoyed a media and film workshop before the tour.  Then it was off to the accomodation for an evening meal and to send a postcard home.  Bright and early the next day they were off to Westminster where they met with Selaine Saxby and posed some great questions, they also bumped into Matt Hancock and saw Rishi Sunak arrive with his police escort.

The afternoon started with a picnic and play in the park before heading off for a spectacular flight on the London Eye and a lovely time exploring the Aquarium, followed by a walk along the South Bank back to the Hostel.  The evening was all about Matilda the musical, where they donned their smart outfits and described the experience as fantastic!

The next day was spent at the Natural History Museum and a trip to London zoo where they were entertained by monkeys, lions, rainforest animals and best of all the penguins.

An evening tour of London resulted in the learning of a lot of interesting facts and at Buckingham Palace they were given a warm welcome by the guards, who promised to say a hello from the children to the King. 

Finally an informative visit to the Science Museum before the long journey home.

Thank you to all the children and our staff who took them, the children were a credit to us and we are so proud of them all, it was a busy and tiring week albeit a wonderful experience and they were all totally awesome!