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Collective Worship


What is Worship?

“It is the essence of worship that is about giving attention to the divine” (SACRE 1989)

Church of England schools are required to hold a daily act of collective worship which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England.

All acts of collective worship (e.g. prayer) are invitational and inclusive for all children regardless of faith or non-faith and will be introduced as such by the adult leading collective worship.

We aim to provide opportunities for children and adults to:

  • Worship God (should they wish to)
  • Celebrate all that is good and beautiful and express thankfulness for the joy of being alive.
  • Have experiences which are relevant to the age, aptitude and family background of the children.
  • Have time for silent reflection and exploration of inner peace.
  • Experience a range of worship, including singing, music reflection
  • Experience collective worship that takes place in an environment that is conducive to worship.

We always invite, never coerce, remembering that children and adults will be at different stages of spiritual development and that they should feel able to respond and participate at their own level.